VAT Amendment Regulation 2013 – update

As you are aware, ZATI has been seeking clarification on the VAT Amendment on behalf of its members since last August; and on 11 February 2014 ZATI was granted a meeting with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Omar Yussuf Mzee, to discuss this– along with the general taxation of the tourism industry.

The outcome of the meeting was promising as the Minister agreed to review a position paper from ZATI.The Minister also said that it is possible that the tax regime could be amended from 1 July 2014, following a review.

The position paper is being drafted by an independent consultant and is due to be with ZATI this week. The paper will be further reviewed by at least one other independent consultant before being shared with members, whocanthen share any further views before the paper is submitted to the Minister.

The Minister has tentatively agreed to be the Guest of Honor at the ZATI annual general meeting (AGM) and speak about taxation and directly address the issues of members. Once the Minister has confirmed a date that he is available we will share details of the AGM with members.Furthermore, we also plan for the consultant to present the position paper to members at the AGM.

In the meantime, if you have any queries please feel free to contact ZATI or find out more about us at or on Facebook: ‘Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors’ or visit us Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

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