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The following topics will be covered for this months updates...

  • Zanzibar Tourism Summit Resolutions
  • Tourism Branding Committee
  • Members news - ZATI board member Nassor el Mahrouky joins the world famous Clipper race and sails around the world
  • ZATI AGM - date and venue and Tourism Show needs your help
  • Important Government news - EFD/Complementaries/Register your business again! Also, Urban Municipal Council waste management regulations just enacted. 
  • Office news and Apprenticeship Program

Zanzibar Tourism Summit Resolutions

The first ever Tourism Summit was a great success and a good number of members attended. The program was diverse but the central focus was on improving services, communication between government and private sector and creating a joint agreement on the way forward. The committee will comprise of five members from the government and five members from the private sector, including ZATI. Each resolution will be discussed and action taken. The resolutions will be presented to the President.

Zanzibar Tourism Branding Committee 

The new Tourism Branding Committee Chairperson, the Minister of Tourism, has selected 24 members and ZATI Vicechair, Julia Bishop is the executive secretary. Other ZATI members include Javed Jafferji, Jafferji House; Nicolas Cedro, Park Hyatt and Nicolas Konig from Melia.

The Branding plans will be presented to the President

Members News

ZATI board member Nassor el Maruki is raising the flag and promoting responsible tourism in the famous 'Clipper Race Around the World 2019-20'. He left Zanzibar on the 17th August to start his journey which will cover 40,000 nautical miles. This exciting journey will pass through UK, Portugal, Uruguay, South Africa, Australia, China, USA, Bermuda and Northern Ireland. A press conference was held on August 14th and Nassor, who is self-funding, encouraged the art of sailing to become a tourism attraction for Zanzibar - now that there is a marina in Marahubi anything is possible. The Hon. Minister of Information, Tourism and Heritage joined the press to praise Nassor for his initiative and may join Nassor when he arrives in South Africa.

Important Government News

The President of Zanzibar has signed a new Act which will be of interest to all members.

Key content includes:

Complementary and VAT will be related to your 'normal prices'. The definition of 'normal' has yet to be defined and the ZATI board will follow up on this issue. At present 'normal' is associated with your rack rate which will cause complications.

There will be a threshold for issuing fiscal device receipts. ZATI is currently meeting with the Minister of Finance about the EFD challenges.

A particular procedure for manual receipts defined in the document.

Most important - all business entities to renew and update their registration details so that they can receive a new registration number.

If you have any comments that you would like us to share with the government please email us on info@zati.or.tz.

Solid Waste Regulations

Solid Waste Urban Municipal regulations have been enacted by the government recently in collaboration with an organisation from New Delhi, the Centre for Science and Development. ZATI staff attended the presentation and also visited the Shaurimoyo waste management site, which is organised and run as a for profit project by the local villagers.

Office news and Apprenticeship program

The office and board has been very busy attending a variety of government and non-government meeting, as well as starting the organisation for the AGM and Tourism Show. In September and October the office will have two SUZA students, Edi and Alid, who are on a work placement for their degree in Tourism and Marketing, they may visit you to ask a few questions for their research. Also, Bakar who has worked with the Center for Youth Dialogue is looking for more experience on the tourism sector will be supporting the office. We are looking forward to welcoming them and completing some of the projects and other work pending. Edi and Adil's first job is to make sure all the membership certificates have been received in Stonetown.

Apprentices in Training in the Hotels

The apprentices that are taking part in the apprenticeship program have started their training in a selected group of hotels. Many of the 33 hotels that are taking
part in the program are ZATI members and we would like to thank them for their support in training Zanzibari youths to be able to work in the tourism industry.
Currently, the apprentices are receiving orientation training in the departments of Housekeeping & Laundry and in Front Office operations. After 9 weeks in the hotel, the apprentices return on the 16th of September to the college for their classroom orientation in the subjects of Food and Beverage services and Food production.

The representatives of the college have visited the participating hotels in the past few weeks to check on the progress of the apprentices and more visits may be expected in the next period when apprentices are returning to the hotels in the future. While the apprentices are still in the learning process during their course, their levels are varying, it has been important to hear that some of the hotels are so positive about their apprentices that they have expressed an interest in hiring them upon completion of the course.

In November another training will be organised for the supervisors who work directly with the apprentices in the hotels. For the hotels who are interested to have their supervisors participate in this training, and for other questions about the apprenticeship program, you are welcome to contact us at skills@zati.or.tz.