Destination Marketing

The Government of Tanzania, Government of Zanzibar and numerous private investors are involved in marketing Zanzibar to the global tourism market. Such marketing reflects their different interests and getting consensus on a consistent and coherent image for the Isles has not been a top priority. The result is an unclear international brand image for  Zanzibar.

In addition, the global economic crisis has made it even more important for all tourist destinations to refresh their international image, branding and marketing activities in order to, at the very least, protect their share of international tourist arrivals.

This report is in three major parts. Part 1 reviews the trends in global and Zanzibar tourism, the policy environment in Zanzibar and makes the case for refreshing and repositioning Zanzibar as a destination. Part 2 is a detailed discussion of a branding strategy and action plan that highlights Zanzibar’s unique offering to visitors. Part 3 proposes a marketing strategy and action plan for repositioning Zanzibar in the global tourism marketplace.


Purpose- To review national visions and strategies for sustainable development through tourism amd the application of strategies addressing economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects, in advance of the summit next month in Samoa.


Attending countries all presented their initiatives to help sustainability in tourism.

Zanzibar private sector initiative Responsible Tourism Tanzania ( was described. Similar to a new initiative in Seychelles and ‘passport vert’ as described by Organisation International de la Francophonie. RTTZ is further advanced having been launched in 2013 with 12 certfied members.

Zanzibar has been invited to join the Vanilla Islands initiative (the Indian Ocean Islands group attending this conference with addition of Mayotte and Maldives). India and Mozambique have now also applied for other small offshore islands. The benefits are with marketing and best practice in tourism.

1. Delegates to request Minister of Tourism Zanzibar requested to write to counterpart in Seychelles to apply to
join the group to apply to Vanilla Islands.
2. Delegates to send RTTZ details and criteria translated into French to IFDD.

Observations from Seychelles, of potential learning interest to Zanzibar:-

Airport- Simple, local style. Immediate warm welcome by multi-lingual uniformed personnel. Large tourism information centre. No trouble from porters or taxi drivers.

Development- New development ‘Eden Island’ on reclaimed land near the port. Reached by attractive boulevard a luxury marina with apartments for sale, restaurants, shopping mall.

Education: 95% literacy and Wildlife Clubs in all schools to increase awareness of the islands’ natural flora and fauna.

Cultural: Local music in restaurants and outside eating areas reflecting national pride in musical heritage.
Environmental:  Forest destruction forbidden. LPG cooking gas used all over islands with cylindr refil points. No firewood or charcoal.

Healthy marine national parks operating as obvious no-take zones with good marine life and reefs.

Dive boats all carry information from Environment Act relating to marine protection.

No unlicensed boat operators.