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Welcome to the April and May updates which will comprise of the following topics.

 Announcement

 Members news

 ZATI engagement with Government

 Office news

 Additional news 

Announcement - Christian Moorhouse-Chilcott

With deep sadness and shock, ZATI is announcing the death of a former Executive Board Member and loyal ZATI member, Christian MoorhouseChilcott.

Christian passed away in hospital last weekend after a short and unexpected illness on April 27th.

He leaves the Zanzibar tourism industry in deep mourning at the loss of a longstanding dive centre investor, who was also a safety and security activist, passionate marine environmentalist and animal rights campaigner.

Together with his wife Tammy Holter, Christian engaged tirelessly in many areas and levels of civic and public society, over the 20 years he lived and worked in Zanzibar.

One of the pioneers of Scuba diving industry in Zanzibar, Chris arrived from the UK via Malawi and Zambia. Amongst, many activities which included marketing Zanzibar as a diving destination globally, owning and managing Scuba Do Zanzibar Diving Centre on Zanzibar's Northern beach in Kendwa, Chris and Tammy also opened up the wonders of the undersea world to countless tourists, and trained many Zanzibaris to manage, teach and guide in the business of Scuba diving on our isles.

Over the years Christian, who was the chairman of the Nungwi/Kendwa security committee from its inception, helped to set up the northern police post to manage the island's north coast police Community Policing Network, assisting tourists and locals with a variety of security issues. Scuba Do were the first port of call for any divers needing to use the decompression chamber, offering a free service to non-trained commercial fishermen, and was the initial emergency call for anyone needing medical air-evacuation. Scuba Do offered their boats and staff for local ferry disasters, saving many lives in the process, and were always on hand for any safety and security emergency.

Scuba Do Zanzibar also organised annual beach cleanups, helped with any dolphin beachings, was an active whalewatch member, regularly cleared reefs of illegal fishing nets, and rescued trapped turtles. Even recently this company acted as a strong link into marine tourism for the oil and gas seismic surveys, and campaigned strongly against dangerous water- sports such as the proliferation of unlicensed and untrained snorkelling boat skippers and jetskis and illegal spearfishing. Christian had close links with the Ministries of Environment and Tourism, and the Security services in Zanzibar.
Working with both the Private and Public Sectors. Christian was a Consular Agent for the British High Commission, a council member of the President's Zanzibar National Business Council in 2018-9, and an active and trusted voice within ZATI. We will forever miss his relentless drive and enthusiasm as a force for good in the shared vision for a responsible and sustainable Zanzibar tourism industry. We will also miss his wicked humour, his great sense of fun and teasing, loyal friendship to his staff, managers, government officials, local community leaders, fellow entrepreneurs, and his professionalism.

Please join us at a future date to celebrate his life and his work. We would also like to take a moment to offer our deepest condolence for his dear wife Tammy, his family, his employees, colleagues and friends - we are in a deep shock and mourning.

We thank Christian for all that he did; it will always be remembered, and we will continue his hard work to improve the tourism industry in his honour and his memory. RIP Christian Moorhouse Chilcott. Wishing you forever calm seas, light breeze and good visibility.

Gone but never forgotten


Ramadan will start on May 6th - please make sure any guests you have aware of the constraints on them during this period. It is very important to remind guests not to drink, eat, smoke or dress immodestly. Also, it is not advisable to walk around Stonetown between sunset and 8pm without a hotel escort - it is the time of the day when crime increases, as most people are praying and breaking the fast in their homes.

The Apprenticeship program is moving forward and 25 hotels, mostly ZATI members, involved in the program are hosting 92 of the apprentices. In the next week or so we may receive a few more commitment forms. The aim is to train and educate at least 100 Zanzibari youths. The ZATI representative working with the program, Adil George, will be attending a workshop in Italy in May to increase his knowledge and skills to support the program.

Stonetown members who are cat lovers will be pleased to see that ZAASO are starting a cat clinic, to help control the cat population in Stonetown and control the environmental hazards associated and it will be based in Malindi. The Zanzibar Film Festival 2019 is just around the corner and the theme is A NEW DAWN and a new improved ZIFF. Already a film school is being set up and young local film makers are entering 7 short films in to the festival. There will be the opportunity for the young Zanzibari's to enter the Emerson Zanzibar Foundation film award which was set up especially to support local youth.

As a member you are invited to sponsor the festival starting at a very reasonable $500 moving upwards to $5000 - it would be an excellent opportunity to invest where your interest is, in relation to SCR and supporting the arts and culture industry in Zanzibar.

The ZIFF Festival Director also shared the following:-

ZIFF expects to host the CIFEJ GA (www.cifej.com) which will involve 40 International prominent filmmakers and producers from the Children and Youth film sector as well as Children’s Film Festivals directors attending ZIFF 2019 we will be looking for Accommodation and Tours for 40 people The good news for ZIFF is that the NATIONAL FILM & VIDEO FOUNDATION as well as the Department of Arts and Culture in South Africa will be hosting .

South African Day. It means that they will bring SA films, SA Pavilion, SA Artists, 10 filmmakers and 6 student filmmakers to ZIFF 2019. This is very exciting and would mean that we are requesting help with accommodation and tours for about 30 people .

We therefore request your help supporting ZIFF 2019 either in kind or in cash. Please contact the Festival Director Ms Firdoze Bulbulia on firdozebulbulia@gmail.com


Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators Forum

ZATI joined the Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators Forum on Responsible and Sustainable Tourism on April 16th at Madinat Al Bahr. The event was well attended by top government officials, representatives from the police force, tour operators, NGO's and Associations. There were presentations made by both the public and private sector on important for example safety and security; multiple taxation, uses of SDL and the road fund levy. Resolutions were made and when shared will be available in the ZATI office, and sent to members. The ZATI Chairman and Director were directly involved in supporting this initiative. Find full report attached below by our board member Taleeb Jussab.

PPD advocacy training

Advocacy work is continuing in the office and a recent Public Private Dialogue was held at the Doubletree by Hilton, Stonetown on April 17th and 18th. ZATI hosted Dr Swabiri, an academic from the University of Dar es Salaam, to facilitate a dialogue between the associations advocating for a better tourism environment, ZATI, ZATO and ZATOGA and key Ministries. The two day workshop was very lively and created a deeper understanding of the mutual issues and differences of approach between the associations and the government. An indepth report will be send in a future newsletter - but in brief the challenges of the business environment were discussed, as were the responsibilities and perception of private and public sector. Concrete work included dissecting the new ZATI code of conduct for the future and deciding a variety of short term and long term advocacy work that could reasonably be implemented by the government.

ZCT, Associations and TANAPA meeting on Saadani National Park

The Zanzibar Commission of Tourism and TANAPA organised a Stakeholder meeting for all the tourism associations, including ZATI, and active Zanzibari tour operators at BOT on April 24th. The aim of the meeting was to create dialogue to promote a relationship between Zanzibar and Saadani National Park, created in 2005. The challenges and solutions were discussed including the idea of a connecting Stonetown and Bagamoyo (close to Saadani) by boat as a cultural heritage, wildlife and beach -Guests of honour from left to right in the photo below were Bi Saabah, Chairman of the Commission of Tourism; Bi Amina Ameir Issa - deputy PS, Ministry of Information, tourism and heritage and Mr Ibrahim Mussa, assistant director of TANAP.


Many of our members are on holiday during the April - June period. The ZATI board members are taking advantage of this down time and many are also away. The Director will be away from the beginning of the second week of May to the end, so will not be replying to your queries. 

On April 3rd the lead associations working in the tourism industry ZATI, ZATO and ZATOGA met with the apex organisation the Chamber of Commerce to share how we can all work more closely together. There will be regular meetings in the future to strengthen the relationship so that we can work on shared issues together.

On April 5th the ZATI Board quarterly meeting was held. Issues discussed included the success of controlling the ZPRA seismic testing, which had negligible impact on tourism - a follow up will be made and the director will attend a strategic environmental assessment review on April 30th. Challenges of the Electronic Fiscal Device and developments with the apprenticeship program and finishing advocacy in relation to the multiple tax research. If you would like a copy of the minutes, please email the office.