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Greetings from the ZATI office,

We are getting towards the end of the year and high season is looking good for all.  In this edition of the news update I will be including the following:   

  • Zanzibar Tourism Show
  • Zanzibar Chamber of Commerce public private dialogue
  • Members news - Freddie Mercury Museum; Busara gets support; UNICEF visits; staff training opportunity; Milele Organic Farms
  • Government news - Zanzibar National Business Council/ Launch of English newspaper/ latest Statistics/ Michenzani Green Corridors
  • Office news and Apprenticeship and vocational training 

Zanzibar Tourism Show Awards 2019

Finally there is a date... the Zanzibar Tourism Show Awards will be held on Wednesday, 4th December at our member 'Seacliff resort and Spa's' hotel at 7pm.  The organisers have sent ZATI members the opportunity to buy tickets to attend for $75, if they have not already been invited as a contender for the awards. Please contact sales@zanzibartourismshow.com asap to reserve.  

Good luck to all the members who are competing.

Zanzibar Chamber of Commerce PPD

The Zanzibar Chamber of Commerce held a Public Private Dialogue 'Creating a Conducive Environment for inclusive and sustainable private sector development'  in our member, Hotel Verde's, conference room on November 21st. Members and executive board attended. Issues raised between the private sector and public sector included: the port double taxation trade levey; importance of improving the 'ease of doing business'; need for youth employment; importance of linkages between farmers and investors in tourism - currently 67% of fresh produce is imported from the mainland; number of permits and licences need to be reduced; soon the Regulatory authority will be going online alongside ZIPA, ZCT, Ikulu (statehouse), Statistics and BPRA.  If anyone would like a copy of the minutes of the meeting please contact us on info@zati.or.tz and we can forward them to you from the Chamber of Commerce.  The minutes should be ready by early next week.  

Members News

The opening of the Freddie Mercury Museum last Sunday is a much needed boost to the diversity of tourism attractions in the Shangani area. It was created through a collaboration of member Javed Jafferji, his business partners and Queen Productions, UK. If you are sending tourists the price is $10 for adults and $6 children; residents 10,000tsh/6,000tsh.  The attraction is open from 10am - 6pm and well worth a visit.

The Busara Music Festival for 2020 preparations are in full swing and the last email asking for support from the tourism industry was kindly answered by our member Bluebay Hotels, who are supporting the sustainability of a staple part of the tourism year calendar. A period of time that was once considered a low season has become a vibrant addition increasing bookings.  The festival is still in need of funds and would be grateful if at least one more tourism investor would follow the generous spirit of Bluebay Hotels and the Emerson Brand and bolster their SCR profile.  The ZATI has Busara 2020 posters and please send one of your staff to pick one up.

The UNICEF team are currently organising symposiums with hotels around the island.  The research, 'Assessment of the Impact of Tourism on Communities and Children in Zanzibar' has opened up discussion within the tourism industry with opportunities to engage with staff so that all needs are met, leading to healthier and happier staff.  Unicef staff and Essque Zalu kindly invited fellow members in Nungwi for a symposium which created a lot of lively debate and interesting ideas. The plan is to meet with other members in the future. 

On November 3rd supervisory staff training opportunity for your business, this is the second training and the first was well attended by both hotel staff, government staff and others and comes highly recommended.  For more information for this training on December 10th and 11th please contact info@zcet.ac.tz.

Milele Organic Farmers Market on November 9th and 10th was a bit of a washout but those that attended were able to buy premium organic produce at very affordable prices.  The majority of passion fruit and banana's are organic according to the farmers.  If you need more information to get in touch with organic suppliers please contact our office.

Emerson on Hurumzi restaurant manager's report on his trip to Uganda to work on and launch the first open source curriculum for tourism and hospitality training in Africa, supported by Booking.com

Government news

Zanzibar National Business Council -  in November the Steering Committee attended by ZATI Director and the Tourism Committee, attended by the Chairman and Director met.  This means that there may be another Tourism Forum at the end of December to give answers to the issues presented last year - watch this space.

New English language newspaper created to serve the tourism industry, an initiative of the Minister of Information, Tourism and Heritage.  The 'Zanzibar Mail' is published weekly on Mondays and can be ordered by sending in the subscription form attached below - the newspapers will be brought to your hotel/house.  The office just received the 4th edition.
The Michenzani flats area has an ambitious project to green the area, pedestrianize and support the development of the community and Swahili heritage.  The project is developed between the relevant government departments and foreign consultants. 

The Minister of Tourism, Mahmoud Thabit Kombo posing with the first edition newspaper with Zati director.

Office news and Apprenticeship program

 The office is rather empty since the two students from SUZA-ITOD left and our volunteer finished his two month placement.  There is never a dull day and even at this late stage in the year we are welcoming new member Fisherman Tours and at least two more investors are in the process of joining.  Thank you.

The apprenticeship program moves from strength to strength and the office would like to thank Adil the co-ordinator for the ILO programme and executive board member Lisenka Beetstra for all their hard work making it a success.  There will be an update in December.

You also have the opportunity to support training of Zanzibari students

There are various official training institutions in Zanzibar that offer hospitality courses. The training institutions are registered at the Vocational Training Authority under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The VTA is requesting support from hotels and restaurants around the islands by offering placements for training of their students. The students will have a basic knowledge of the hospitality industry and have followed a theoretical program, but will need practical training in a hotel or restaurant to complete their course. The students from these institutions will request a trainee placement and will have a supporting letter from the training institution. 

The students from Mkokotoni Vocational Training Center will do their practical skills training as electricians, plumbers etc. from 25/11/2019 to 10/01/2020.  Let us know in the office if you are interested and we can share with the relevant authorities.