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Pemba Tourisports Bonanza 2019

Opening on 28th July and closing on the 5th August you are all welcome to participate in this annual event. The timetable can be found on this Pemba Sports link. Information from their website - can be found here on the activities and other information such as traditional bullfighting accompanied by a sendoff of donkey parade, double outrigger race, marathon, all Pemba traditional dance show, swimming competition and the bicycle race that makes the most of the island’s rolling hills, and the thrilling dhow race that drew a crowd of 9000+ on the final day of the festivities in the last two years’ bonanzas. This year, the organisers are delighted to also be trialing new events such as a traditional outdoor cooking party locally known as “kijungu nje” for girls at Kangagani village; donkey racing; school students talents, creativity and innovation show; the Kojani Island sailing and kayaking Festival; the Tumbe canoe race festival; the Nasheed and Duffu competition; a month-long football tournament with the final to be held at Gombani Stadium; and Pemba’s first ever opening Carnival to be held in Wete town. So please share this information far and wide especially with any guests travelling to Pemba.

Zanzibar Tourism Summit and Zanzibar Tourism Show 2019

The first ever Tourism Summit in Zanzibar is confirmed and the program is looking good . The summit is free to attend, but food and beverages are only provided for the presenters. If you, as a ZATI member, would like to attend, as a courtesy, please contact director@zati.or.tz so that numbers can be shared with the Summit management. We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow morning. 

The Zanzibar Tourism Show has 25 stalls remaining if you are interested in exhibiting at the Show, which will be held in September. The first Tourism Show, last year, was very successful and we know that this year it will be even better. Karibuni nyote

Responsible Tourism Tanzania Awards and Important statistics for Zanzibar Tourism in 2018

Did you apply for the awards last year? if not why not? The deadline is August 20th to apply.
The Responsible Tourism Awards ceremony that will be held in Arusha in October 2019 is meant to encourage innovative actions to protect the environment integrate local people into responsible tourism chain and to transform the destination Tanzania to a responsible tourism destination. The award event provides Responsible Tourism Tanzania with opportunities to recognize and reward innovations in responsible tourism while providing information on best practices.
Awarding categories for 2019 Awards 1. Best Tourism Business in Supporting Conservation Efforts

2. Best Accommodation in Resource Efficiency

3. Best in Community Engagement and Local Development support

4. Best Accommodation Facility in Promoting and Supporting Female Employment

5. Best Accommodation Facility in Cultural Promotion and Preservation

6. Best in Supporting Youth Empowerment and Future Leaders in Conservation

7. Best and Responsible Tour Operator

8. Best Tourism Business in Climate Action

9. Best for Sustainable Development Goals Implementations and Reporting

ZATI impact on improving education and employment for young Zanzibaris.

ZATI achievements in the area of education and making an impact in Zanzibar in relation to supporting education of children and youth. Board member Lisenka Beetstra compiled this valuable document which has been sent to and received by the Hon.Minister of Information, Tourism and Heritage.

It seems that our neighbor the Seychelles are also having an issue with youth unemployment and are investing in apprenticeship programs.