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Welcome to the first ZATI newsletter for 2019 and we wish you all a prosperous and inspiring year ahead. This newsletter which will include information on the following:

  • Hon. President Dr Ali Mohd Shein’s annual speech for 2019
  • Update on the Oil and Gas exploration in Nungwi and Kendwa
  • Busara Music Festival and the Flipiflopi boat launch
  • Apprenticeship Program hotel mobilization workshops
  • Zati membership and office news
  • Additional news in relation to Zanzibar and tourism

Hon. President Dr Ali Mohd Shein’s annual speech for 2019

Areas of interest in the speech are divided into sectors in this order - utilities, education, oil and gas, agriculture, livestock and deepsea fishing, infrastructure, airport, oil and gas port at Mwangapwani, media, industrial sector, women and children, legal, crime, security, unemployment, culture and arts, sports and disability.

The text in relation to tourism is as follows –

Fellow Citizens -
Various strategies that have been formulated by the Government to promote the tourism sector have been bearing fruits. The number of tourist arrival has been increasing each year. In 2018, a total of 520, 809 tourists arrived in Zanzibar compared to 433,116 arrivals in 2017, this increase of 87,693 tourists, equivalent to 20.2 percent. These are significant achievements, as the Government’s goal of seeing that Zanzibar receives 500,000 tourists by the 2020 has been reached earlier.

Likewise, in 2018, Zanzibar hosted an International Tourism Show at Hotel Verde located at Mtoni in Unguja that attracted 4022 people from different countries. The Government has decided to host the Show each year and make it an annual international event to attract more tourists and investors alike.

Update on the Oil and Gas exploration in Nungwi and Kendwa

The seismic testing in Nungwi and Kendwa started last week and after confusion in regard to a fake flier giving information that the testing would also be held in the
afternoons, the testing will only be taking place between 6am – 9am daily, weather permitting. A Whatsapp group has created and currently has 170 participants, of
which 2 are independent observers on the vessel who are sending information to all the stakeholders on the group. If you would like to be added to the group, send the ZATI office an email. The survey is likely to continue for another two weeks. No incidents have been reported apart from the fact that the vessel did
conduct one survey in the afternoon. A small area of the reef at Tumbatu was avoided by the boat after information was sent about a sensitive area.

Busara Music Festival and the Flipflopi boat launch

The popular Busara music festival will be from 7th – 10th February a must for all your guests who love music and would like to celebrate African music under African skies and experience the friendliest festival on our planet.

The inspiring Flipflopi dhow (www.theflipflopi.com), made entirely from foraged flip flops and plastic is sailing from Kenya to Zanzibar will to be launched on Thursday, 7th February in Stonetown, Forodani (time yet to be organised). As a ZATI member you are invited to make a pledge to support this initiative to help make the East African coastline a plastic free zone. Find the attached pledge, which will take you two minutes to fill out and return to director@zati.or.tz. In return you will receive a certificate to display in your establishment. ZATI is supporting this vision and the Vice Chairman Julia Bishop will be making a speech on behalf of all tourism investors on the day and handing out the certificates endorsed by the UN Environment; Clean Seas; Kenya Tourism Federation; ZATI and the Flipflopi expedition.

Apprenticeship Program update, Second Phase - 2018 - 2020

The ILO apprenticeship program has now chosen the young Zanzibari's who will be accepted by the program from their applications, oral and written exams. More
than 100 apprentices have passed and will start their technical studies at SUZA Institute of Tourism in Marahubi in the near future.

ZATI with ILO and government partners are in the process of approaching appropriate hotels to host the apprentices and you may receive an invitation. The first mobilisation workshop was accommodated by our members' Essque Zalu in Nungwi in January, and next week with Melia Zanzibar in Kiwengwa. Those of you who are interested to host apprentices or would like further information please contact skills@zati.or.tz.

ZATI Membership for 2019 and Office News

You should have already received an email reminder for your 2019 ZATI membership. The office aims to have all our members re-enrolled as soon as possible – if you have changed management or contact details or have not received your invoice please let us know. The advocacy officer was on extended leave so the Director organised the Skills Development Levy consultancy which is currently underway, we expect the results of the research to be presented in the next two months. The focus is to assess the administration of the SDL in the tourism sector as the tourism industry has contributed a huge share due to the number of staff employed. The report should make interesting reading.

Fatma Ali the new admin and accounting officer attended a weekend advocacy training where she learned about effective dialogue and other techniques which
enhance how ZATI communicates with NGO's and government entities to make change. Government meetings were reduced during the festive period, the director was invited to the official opening the new ZURA building by the President of Zanzibar, and also attended the Zanzibar trade show which was extended due to its popularity.

ZATI meetings with government and other organisations

Zipa have still not decided on a date for the Investors Day - as soon as the office receives news we will inform you. The ZATI Chairman and Director have been invited to a stakeholders meeting to identify the areas of priority for ZIPA to be focussing on which will include the challenges that the private sector are facing; investment attraction and consensus on what is possible and workable. VSO have announced the date of their long awaited Careers Fair, which will be held on Saturday, March 2nd. All members are invited to attend and bring information on their hotels, if you would like a booth or have positions you need filling in your business please contact romana.colman@vsoint.org tel. 0769 -739534 by February 10th.

Additional news in relation to Zanzibar and tourism

UAE may be opening a consulate in Zanzibar this coming year, due to increased investments on the island.

All members and their guests are invited to an art exhibition at Maru Maru hotel in Stonetown during the Busara Festival period.

On January 14th Zanzibar Leo newspaper announced that tourism reached 520,809 tourists in 2018, ZATI can verify this when the official statistics are released for 2018.

Zanzi-half marathon will be held on June 29th and are looking for investors in tourism sponsorship and also to enter the run with their staff. The run will start at 6am.

The Tanzania Whale Watch Network have published their latest report for those interested in marine affairs and were involved in the official whale watching day.

Feeding Tourism - Organic Agriculture is a project that the Milele Zanzibar Foundation is involved with and they are looking for members suggestions and interest in buying organic vegetables.