WHO recommend no general ban on international travel or trade
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a statement declaring the Ebola outbreak a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’ and recommendations that there should be no general ban on international travel or trade. There are no cases affecting Tanzania, but the Government of Zanzibar is already holding top-level meetings to ensure that there are strict measures and procedures in place so they are prepared to detect, investigate, and manage Ebola cases. ZATI has been included in meetings attended by over 30 Government officials yesterday (led by the Second Vice President’s office) and today (led by the Ministry of Health) – and English translations of official public documents are due to be shared shortly. For more from WHO, visit – and

VAT Amendment
Last Friday, the PS to the Minister of Finance, confirmed that he plans to meet with the Minister next week to discuss the ZATI VAT Amendment position paper submitted on 26 May 2014 – following legal and stakeholder consultation. The paper highlights that the VAT amendment will force operators not meeting the minimum requirement for eligibility to VAT registration to fall under the Hotel Levy system – thus bearing a number of negative financial implications on the business performance and profitability, regardless of turnover volume and size of the establishment. It also calls for the Government to repeal the amendment and implement the co-existing systems (VAT/Hotel Levy) as follows:
• VAT system should be applicable to ALL operators. Only, as per current legislation, a turnover threshold should be defined as demarcation line for eligibility to VAT system.
• Operators not meeting the turnover threshold should be under a revised Hotel Levy system with a lower rate (between 10% and 15%).
The VAT Amendment position paper is available here –

ZATI members call for u-turn on waste collection solution for the North
A ZATI position paper, reflecting the views of hoteliers concerned about the North A District Councils’ decision that hotels in the area will legally only be able to use ZANREC services, has been shared with ZIPA, the MInistry of Tourism and the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism this week – and asks that hoteliers are able to opt into the ZANREC scheme – if they choose too – among other proposal to issues raised. The position paper is available here –

Tanzania Revenue Board issues new PAYE rates
TRA circulated new PAYE rates earlier this month, which include changes and reductions across nearly all monthly income categories. PAYE rates are available here –

Zanzibar Revenue Board announces changes for tax payers
ZRB released a notice to tax payers earlier this month informing that all tax payers of changes to dates for filing returns and tax payment. A copy of their official notice is available here –

ZATI Dinner Party | Grand Masquerade Ball
Hold the date for ZATI’s annual dinner party on Saturday 18 October 2014! ZATIs annual dinner party attracts a wide variety of tourism investors, government officials and stakeholders from across the island. This is the perfect event to find out more about ZATI, to network with investors and colleagues, and to even sponsor the event and showcase your products and services. There are fantastic opportunities for sponsorship, so please contact us if you would like to be involved with the event. More details to come soon!

Opportunities for ZATI members to host international travel writers
Travel writers and buyers from around the world, due to attend the Swahili International Tourism Expo on 1 October in Dar -es-Salaam, will being visiting Zanzibar prior to the event. ZATI members that would like the opportunity to host visitors (on a complimentary basis) on 28 & 29 September should contact us or visit here for more details –


Petit Fute | Zanzibar
Travel publication, Petit Fute, will be in Zanzibar from 21 August to the 13 September 2014 to prepare the 1st edition of the PETIT FUTE ZANZIBAR (due for publication on 1 December). If you would like to feature in their travel book please contact Jean-Marc Faraguet on to arrange a meeting or for more information about their company visit –

Zanzibar Vows to Ensure Safety of Tourists
As Zanzibar enhances community policing, law enforcement operations and the use of Integrated Mobile Electronic System (CCTV), the Isles recorded about 209 criminal acts in the tourism sector in the 2011/12 financial year. “Our economy depends on tourism, therefore we should spare no effort to keep Zanzibar safe,” said Ms Amina Khamis Shaaban from the Zanzibar Ministry of Finance at a workshop to evaluate efforts at attaining Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). –

Zanzibar Islands to Get Protection
The Zanzibari government is mulling over a decision to elevate the status of two tourists attractions of Bawe and Changuu (Prison) Islands into protected reserves. The aim is to protect both marine and the biodiversity of the two islands including security in a multi-million dollar tourism project run by a Tanzanian company, Leasure Hotels –

Z is for Zanzibar
Z is a destination, standing enigmatically at the extreme end of the alphabetical line. Crazy zigzags at odds with a gentle song, its qualities are both puzzling and exotic. After Z there is nothing –

Islanders blamed for delaying process of creating new Union constitution
As the Constitution Assembly (CA) resumes its session, members of the assembly from Zanzibar are to blame for the delays and disputes over the constitution, a report says. – / Why CRC wants Assembly to stick to original Draft

U.S. Ivory Ban ‘Assures More Elephants Are Killed
During a visit to Dallas, Tanzania’s top wildlife official told the Dallas Morning News that the U.S. ban on importing ivory would not curb illicit trafficking. Instead, the move “benefits the poachers. It only assures that more elephants will get killed.” –

Application for the 11th edition of the UNWTO award for excellence and innovation in tourism
The World Organization (UNWTO) is currently inviting application for the 11th edition of its awards for excellence in Tourism. There are public and private entities that qualify for this award. Information can be found on UNWTO knowledge network website and candidates should submit their application and all relevant documents to The dead line for submission of application is 31 October 2014.

More updates and information are available Facebook: Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors or on


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