Karibu Travel Market Tanzania 2015
We look forward to seeing you at Karibu Travel Market Tanzania 2015! ZATI will be attending the Karibu Travel Market Tanzania from 29th – 31st May to represent its members as well as Zanzibar! Please visit our stand – 75C, in the Zanzibar area. For ZATI members that are unable to attend the fair, we would like to offer to take your brochures for distribution. Please ensure that brochures are carefully packed, labelled with your contact details and delivered to the ZATI office in Malindi by 2pm on Wednesday 27 May. For more, visit –

ZIFF & ZATI: Supporting zanzibar Tourism
The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is a major tourist attraction, bringing thousands of guests to Zanzibar for the annual event. Working with local hotels, tour operators and suppliers, ZIFF is also a stimulating force in the local tourist economy. In order to further contribute to Zanzibar tourism, ZIFF and ZATI will be working together to promote ZIFF and Zanzibar as a destination for visitors from across Africa and beyond. In a recent press release, ZATI Chairman, Omar Said Shaaban, said: “The economic and social benefits of successful festivals ripple throughout local economies, affecting tourism and non-tourism related businesses alike – as well as communities. Not only does ZIFF attract talented film-makers from around the world each year, but it also attracts over 6,000 visitors looking forward to an exciting festival – and exploring Zanzibar. ZATI fully supports ZIFF and encourages the tourism industry and the people of Zanzibar to play an active role in supporting the festival, whilst also enjoying the benefits of increased employment, generating income and promoting themselves to visitors.” For more visit –

ZATI receives funding to review tourism tax regime
ZATI has received funding to review the tourism tax regime and develop a raft of proposals for the Government aimed at improving the ease of doing business in Zanzibar. ZATI Chairman, Omar Said Shaaban, said: “Simplifying the process of paying taxes will improve the ease of doing business, encourage compliance, stimulate economic growth and boost employment. ZATI understands that taxes are vital to ensure the provision of essential services that help communities and businesses develop, but high tax rates and a complex business environment represents a major barrier to the ease of doing business and discourages investment.” For more, visit –

Zanzibar Tourism Promotion Office Centre in Mumbai, India
The Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with Zanzibar Tourism Commission, signed an agreement with JIHIL INTERPRISES (India) on 17 February to open a Zanzibar Tourism Promotion Centre – to promote Zanzibar in India. The office became operational on 1 April, with the official launch in India on 2nd April 2015. The ZCT is encouraging ZATI members to develop partnerships with their counterparts and to share promotional materials with the new office that is based in Mumbai. A FAM trip is currently being planned for next month, and those interested in hosting the travel and tourism representatives from India (including media and film makers) should contact us on For more, visit –

Launch of a Commercial Court in Zanzibar
Zanzibar has established another division of the High Court which will be dealing purely with Commercial Cases. The official launch of this Court happened earlier this month, and will be followed by the first meeting of the court users committee. ZATI Chairman, Omar Said Shaaban, has been appointed to sit on this committee, under his capacity as an Advocate representing Advocates. We will be sharing further information with members about the jurisdictions of this court – and how the business community can make uses of this court.

TRA provides information on Withholding Tax Information
TRA has requested that we share information about Withholding Tax with you. Withholding Tax is the amount of tax retained by one person when making payments to another person in respect of goods supplied or services rendered by the payee. A person receiving or entitled to receive a payment from which income tax is required to be withheld is a withholdee while a person required to withhold income tax from a payment made to a withholdee is referred to as the Withholding Agent. Full details supplied by TRA are here –

ZATI representatives update
During the ZATI AGM in February, ZATI announced that its representatives would be given clear areas of responsibility to make it easier for members to manage any issues or queries they may have – and to enable ZATI to better manage its increasing advocacy mandate. Below is the list of the ZATI representatives and their key areas of responsibility. Please contact ZATI on or 0772 823 234 if you have any queries or need any assistance

Name Position Responsible for/ Title
Omar S. Shaaban Chairman Legal Matters & Security
Julian Burton Vice- chairman Destination Marketing
Antonino Garau Board Member Infrastructure (Airport, Seaport & Roads)
Seif Miskry Board Member ZCT & Ministry of Tourism – Permits/ Regulations
Christian Chillicot Board Member Marine & General Environment
Gary Greig Board Member Marine & General Environment
Jacob Moywaywa Board Member Taxation
Len Horlin Board Member Skills / Taxation
Naila Jiddawi Board Member  Skills / Government Coordination
Khamis Rashid Board Member Infrastructure (Airport, Seaport & Roads)
Michael Winter Board Member Utilities – Water, Waste & Electricity
Mark Dieler Board Member Events & PR
Simai Mohammed Board of Trustee  Member PR / Government Coordination
Carl Salisbury Board of Trustee Infrastructure (Airport, Seaport & Roads)
Paolo Chiaro Board of Trustee Taxation & Tanzania Rep with other stakeholder
Abdulsamad Said Honorary Board Member Diplomatic Relations


World responsible tourism awards 2015
Chumbe Island Coral Park has won this year’s Responsible Tourism Award Africa – for Best for Beach Tourism – which was announced at the Africa WTM in Capetown on 16 April. “Chumbe was highly commended for water conservation in the World Responsible Tourism Awards in 2013 and they won the marine environment category in 2004. This time the judges wanted to recognise them for their careful review of progress to 2006 and the development of the new Management Plan 2006-2016. The judges saw this as an example of good practice and one which others should emulate.” For more, visit –


Nyalandu: We’ll attract 5 million tourists in 2020
Tourism has overtaken gold to become Tanzania’s number one foreign exchange earner yet promotional budget remains minimal. What should Tanzanians expect from you in the 2015/2016 budget? Our focus is mainly on branding Tanzania. Branding is about how the world views Tanzania. It is about promoting the fact that whenever one hears about Tanzania, he/she should want to visit the country… We have just completed preparing an advert on Tanzania that will start to be aired on CNN and BBC before the end of this (2014/2015) financial year… It is a fantastic advert that has covered almost every corner of Tanzania from South to North and East to West. It covers Tanzania from the Selous to the Serengeti and from Mount Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar. The advert has been prepared by Hollywood experts. For more, visit –

Several airports up for facelift next year – govt
The government expects to renovate several airports in the country in the 2015/2016 financial year, minister for Works, Samuel Sitta told the National Assembly yesterday. This includes modernisation of the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) to allow big passenger and commercial planes to land. For more, visit –

Clinton graces Tanzania tourism high season
Tanzania’s high tourism season has received a major boost, thanks to the former US President Bill Clinton for ushering in the season with a vote of confidence. Despite the widespread fears of security and Ebola in Africa, Mr Clinton had the confidence to visit Tanzania and other African countries, dispelling those fears. Key players say that his trip has sent out an encouraging message to all international travellers to visit and experience the amazing attractions and the great hospitality that is synonymous with Tanzania. Overwhelmed with professional customer care every step of the way at the ‘World’s best hotel service award winner’ for 2014, Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge, Clinton, one of the most cherished former heads of the World’s super power nation’s, at the end of his stay, remarked – “what a great experience”. For more, visit –

Oct 25 is Election Day, NEC confirms
The General Election will take place on October 25, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) confirmed yesterday. According to a schedule announced by NEC chairman Damian Lubuva, August 21 is the deadline for the nomination of candidates and campaigns will take place from August 22 to October 24 before Tanzanians go to the polls on the following day. The schedule was released a few days after Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda told Parliament that there were no plans to postpone the elections as claimed by the opposition. For more, visit ––NEC-confirms/-/1840392/2729694/-/item/0/-/iyo6e2/-/index.html


Support ZATI advocacy for sustainable and responsible tourism | Membership from $100 | Register here – Registration
ZATI works primarily to support its member’s interest and thereby protect the largest and fastest growing private sector industry – and one of the largest contributors to the economy and employment in Zanzibar. This is achieved via the involvement of members, sponsors and Government. The improvements that ZATI advocate for on behalf of its members, include policing and security, taxation, utilities, conservation, skills, airport/seaport facilities, destination marketing, which are all essential to a sustainable tourism industry. ZATI works alongside public and private partners to help develop responsible and sustainable tourism. You can apply to join ZATI here – Registration. Find out more about ZATI at and Facebook at –